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Everyone is talking about this new bitcoin earning site for beginners ... is it really honest!

Website link: COINP

Our blog for today will talk about a new site to win the digital currency Bitcoin if we did not
 transfer Satoshi, as for the idea of ​​the site, it does not depend on mining, and does not require high resources in your computer, and you can also try the explanation by phone
Coinpayu is honest, while writing this post, the site approves and pays those who have reached the minimum withdrawal limit, and there are multiple withdrawal methods.

First of all, go to the link at the bottom of this post and log in to the site, after that you will start registering by clicking on the word Register

Immediately, you will see the registration window, which contains four fields

1- Put the username (it must be unused before)

-2- Put your e-mail (Gmail, Yahoo ...)

3- Choose and write a password (strong and contains symbols and capital letters)

4- Retype the password again

After that, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of use, then complete the CAPTCHA, and finally click on Register


After performing the previous steps, you must go to your email to obtain the verification code to verify the account through the message you received from the site

Note: If you didn't receive an account verification email, check for spam

Upon completion of all the initial steps, we will move to the site's dashboard, which contains everything related to profits (of course, immediately after your registration, you will find 0 Satoshi!), And therefore we will move to the important stage, which is how to profit from the site.
As already mentioned above, the site is based on Bitcoin, but it will only give you Satoshi. When you look to your left, you will find a list of options, the first of which is View Ads, which is the first way to make money, and as soon as you click on it, 3 different options will pop up for you
1- Surf Ads: It is one of the easiest ways to profit, and it depends on entering several sites that it offers to you, and next to it is the number of Satouches, and after entering those sites you wait for the period that he specifies for you (often 30 seconds), and in the end the balance will be added to your account

2- Window Ads: It depends on the same method as the first, but you will have to wait inside the site that you were asked to view, and you will notice at the top a blue bar advancing you from left to right, and when it reaches the far right, you will be automatically directed to another site and when you return to the profit site, You will find that the balance has been added

3- Video Ads: Another great way to make money, by watching the YouTube videos that it provides to you, waiting for the end of the countdown on the right side of the video, and finally clicking on Visit Website, and you can then close everything and return to the control interface and you will find that the balance Has been added

It's not over then! When you complete the offers above, you can make about 250 satoshi, which equates to about $ 0.07, which is very little
So if you want to make a lot of money, you will need to go to the Offers list

This list provides a lot of advanced offers, most of which depend on completing surveys (it is advisable to use Google Translate and not choose randomly in the answers so as not to close your account), and more such as downloading and playing games (a certain level is required)
Most of the offers may reach 3000 satoshi per hour, which equals $ 1, but the problem is that some offers do not support Arab countries, so you will have to use a foreign VPN or RDP

I will leave you to discover these powerful offers

As for what follows, it is intended for advertisers and not ours, and then in History, we will find all transactions including payments
In Profile, you can specify your wallet to be used for withdrawals, which is where the popular Payeer Wallet is recommended
And at the bottom, at the More tab, this is for the lucky ones. This means that in the Faucet you will find a button to get Satoshi according to your luck, and this is every hour

In Catch A Cat you can enter a profit code, which you can get from the posts of the Facebook / Twitter / Telegram page of the site

As for the minimum withdrawal limit, it differs from one withdrawal method to another, and in Payer 2000 satoshi, you can easily withdraw profits (after setting the withdrawal method in the settings) via the Withdraw button. And the waiting period to process and complete the process

Website link: COINP